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Product Catalog ( Doors )

These are but a few of our many profiles available. Note: Profiles not to scale.

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Chair Rails
Chicago Bar Rail
Dental Mouldings

4 Panel

6 Panel

8 Panel

4 Panel Provincial

2 Panel Eyebrow

5 Panel

Hardwood baseboard, hardwood casing, hardwood chair rail, hardwood moulding, hardwood doors, hardwood trim, hardwood crown, Poplar baseboard, poplar casing, poplar chair rail, poplar moulding, poplar doors, poplar trim, poplar crown, White oak baseboard, white oak casing, white oak chair rail, white oak moulding, white oak doors, white oak trim, white oak crown, Red oak baseboard, red oak casing, red oak chair rail, red oak moulding, red oak doors, red oak trim, red oak crown, Alder baseboard, alder casing, alder chair rail, alder moulding, alder doors, alder trim, alder crown, Cherry baseboard, cherry casing, cherry chair rail, cherry moulding, cherry doors, cherry trim, cherry crown, Hard maple baseboard, hard maple casing, hard maple chair rail, hard maple moulding, hard maple doors, hard maple trim, hard maple crown, Soft maple baseboard, soft maple casing, soft maple chair rail, soft maple moulding, soft maple doors, soft maple trim, soft maple crown, Hickory baseboard, hickory casing, hickory chair rail, hickory moulding, hickory doors, hickory trim, hickory crown, Birch baseboard, birch casing, birch chair rail, birch moulding, birch doors, birch trim, birch crown, Beech baseboard, beech casing, beech chair rail, beech moulding, beech doors, beech trim, beech crown, Ash baseboard, ash casing, ash chair rail, ash moulding, ash doors, ash trim, ash crown, Mahogany baseboard, mahogany casing, mahogany chair rail, mahogany moulding, mahogany doors, mahogany trim, mahogany crown, Pine baseboard, pine casing, pine chair rail, pine moulding, pine doors, pine trim, pine crown.