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These are but a few of our many profiles available. Note: Profiles not to scale.

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Chair Rails
Chicago Bar Rail
Dental Mouldings

All species, including stocked Poplar mouldings are supplied in random length which may vary between 6 and 16 feet. Consequently, all mouldings will be shipped the same way. Orders requiring specific lengths are subject to an upcharge.

Custom mouldings not shown in this catalog can be milled in any of the wood species available for stock mouldings. For a quote please provide a sample or full-size drawing of your custom profile, along with the quantity and wood species you require. We will be pleased to respond promptly with charges, based on the profile, quantity, and species you require.

Cabinet stock and special mouldings are available also to the cabinet industry. We take pride in having serviced many of the finest cabinet makers in Indiana for over 30 years.

Interior doors are available in Red Oak, Poplar, and Cherry, in styles shown, or custom designed to your specifications. For other wood species please contact us for a custom quote.

Other materials available include stair parts and interior plywoods. We can assist you in designing a stairway or den with paneling of your choice.

We welcome the opportunity to quote your project and guarantee quality products delivered in a timely manner at competitive prices. You are invited to visit our facilities to view our quality workmanship.

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